Phil Wassmerman The Top Annuities Authority in the United States

Phillip Wasserman has worked with life insurance and indexed annuities many his life and has been licensed since 1979 in 40 states, training more than 400 employess country-wide. As a quck starter his skills and abilities can be seen through multitude of people he has led. Phillip Wasserman is commonly regarded as an invaluable consultant and representative, having motivated business across the U.S and talked to over 25,000 seniors about retirement planning, stated annuities, and life insurance. Businesses all over the place value his His control is vallued inside the area and often his aksed to lead them and speak at seminars. He is a determined person whose valuable skills is desirede within the areas of life insurance and annuities. A Remarkable function coordinator, Phillip Wasserman has been the representative on many fund raising events that might have assisted in raising huge sums for several charities. In 2008, together with the cooperation of Dr. Donald Moine, Wasserman led a celebration for the Big Brothers Big Sisters childhood counseling business and managed to gather a great sum- $60,000. People in attendance were leading insurance and security business representatives, who contributed nicely. Wasserman, out to save the potency of his work, instantly launched out to fight it, when Rule 151A threatened the positioning of as set insurance stated annuities. After spending over a million to his lawyers, he continues to be the salvation of several individuals benefitting from them and was able to stand up for the premium market from Rule 151A. Leading insurance companies often search for Phillip Wasserman’s suggestions about something regarding life insurance, annuities, regulatory concerns, and research and development. He is been a part of over a billion dollars worth of allowance acquisitions and has demonstrated a superb capability to control huge tasks and resolve them reliably. Phillip Wasserman’s guide faculties, professional knowledge, and extensive experience have gained him the value of established agents and people world wide.

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